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How It Works IPTV

It’s television from Thailand. The viewing experience is as familiar as your cable or satellite TV. The only difference is that the television signal is delivered over the Internet. The advantage is that there are no geographic limitations. The result is that we can finally deliver you TV from Thailand regardless of where you live to your television. You simply will not believe the picture quality.

Set up is very easy. No advanced technical expertise is required. Our channels can be accessed online on your computer or on your television using our set-top-box. If you know how to set up your Internet connection for your computer and connect your cable box to your TV, then you are perfectly qualified to set up your IPTV set top box. There is no need to disconnect your cable box to use IPTV box. It’s a complimentary appliance to your media deck. Once it’s set up, you can move between viewing your normal television programs . You won’t even need to leave the couch. View How It Works and our FAQs for more set up information. IPTV connects via your Internet provider. Start watching television directly from Thailand in three (3) easy steps!

Via your Set Top Box
  1. Plug the IPTV set top box to your internet connection
  2. Plug the IPTV set top box to your TV
  3. Play your favourite programs by clicking on your remote!