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ThaiLive.TV                  Price List     01-07-2015

Watch 20 Thai TV Channels in real time UNLIMITED 24 hours per day for as little as 55 cents per day*

No setting up just plug into your Internet and TV to watch right away

7 Days phone help line 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

ThaiLive.TV Analogue Internet TV Box




1 IPTV Box

Analogue IPTV Box


Monthly 12*

12 Months Subscription


ThaiLive.TV  Digital Internet TV Box

HDMI Cable: $3.00 per Meter

Network Cable $1.00 per meter

Power Line Network adapters $40.00 each

*With all plans the Set Top Box must be purchased outright.

*Bundle with TPG Internet and get 5% off your internet service

*Group Plans: must be paid up front with one payment. Each Group Subscription may be used anywhere in Australia or New Zealand subject to Internet Connection

*Pay as you Go Plans: 6 months minimum term, pay in advance each month

*Terms and conditions can be found on our web site

*All Plans start on the 1st of each month price adjustments will be made

12 Months warrantee .

Turn the IPTV Box off when not watching.